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Can a writer make money and keep their self respect intact?

No.  No, they can’t.  If you want to write for money, leave your conscience at the door, there’s no room for being civil in here.

With the way things are currently going with many of the online sites that pay writers for their submissions, either text or video, could there be an end in sight for long-term revenue earning articles? Yes, yes there could!  Almost every article mill has seen drastic losses in their writer’s revenues, going so far as to encourage their writers to promote and cross-promote their own materials.  That’s right – they are telling you to cheat the system, to just open files to generate the page views using any and all means available.

Some sites are deleting older articles to bring the number of them in their database down, so that publishers aren’t overwhelmed with an abundance of crap. With over a hundred thousand writers in any given “article mill” there are bound to be at least 75 to 90 percent of them submitting nothing but crap for the publishers to salivate over. Just because you write doesn’t mean you’re a writer, but does just being in these “writing mills” really make you a sub-par, unprofessional writer?

Many writers are now referring to these writing sites as “writing mills” and “article mills”, but are there any sites left that still pay the writer upfront payments for their  submissions? I mean over a couple of bucks each?

It seems that most of the writing submission sites are either based on publisher demand, where writers submit articles to what the publisher requested, and the publisher then picks the article(s) that they want to purchase, or are based on existing titles, where writers submit their articles and hope to be paid for page views and the occasional content sale. But when it takes 1,000 page views to earn a buck, you need to have some extremely viral content in order to make real money writing online.

Publishers who post for articles at these writing sites aren’t obliged to purchase any of the articles if they don’t like them, so a lot of writers are spending countless hours pounding away on their laptops, researching and writing articles, many times to no financial gain whatsoever. They then become jaded and rally against the writing sites.

Are there still sites that pay writers for what they submit, no matter what they submit?

With so many people writing for the so few article requests, it defies logic that sites would pay everyone for their submissions. Many people write, but few are legitimate writers. The talent pool gets diluted by having too many people who think that they are writers posting sub-par articles to paying titles, usually starting with “Me and my husband/wife were at the store the other day and..”, or “Do you want to know about the new Sony Bravia? Well, read on and I will tell you all about it!” There is a place for blog-style writing and that is right here, in a blog. Not on a fact-based article site.

For those who consider themselves to be “professional writers”, all they can do is write to their own blogs and social networking sites, criticizing the writers who do use these “article mills” to make some money. Sure, not many of these writers will be getting rich off of their craft, but a couple of hundred dollars a month from writing revenues is a whole lot better than nothing. And when other “writers” lash out at you for whoring yourself out for such a pittance, just disregard what they are spewing and just laugh at them while transferring your earnings into your bank account.

That couple of hundred bucks a month adds a few grand to your yearly income. They’re just jealous because most of them have 2 or 3 hundred articles posted and earn less than a buck a month. i know, i’m a steward at one of the main sites.

How Can I Make Money Online?

There are actually quite a few different ways to earn money online, and some of them are even legal.You can write articles for online writing sites like and Yahoo! but you will not exactly make a tonne of cash right away. With a thousand articles on one of these sites, making a hundred bucks a month off of royalties is being rather hopeful. Just a couple of years ago it was extremely worth while to write to a few different contests a week, with first place finishers netting $80. Add the royalties and it only gets better. Personally, I used to make more than 10 times what I now make off of a few hundred more articles in any given month, at each of the sites where I have more than a hundred articles.

So how do you make money as a writer online? You can have a near endless stream of friends open all of your articles at least once or twice a month, which would only take about a day for a thousand articles. I’m sure that so many strangers would be willing to help you out with that. Funny thing is that many people get accused of just this all the time! You can send anonymous notes to millions of people, saying something like “Please read some of the articles that I have posted online – each time you open one of my articles i earn a tenth of a penny, but believe me they add up when enough people just open a few a day!”.

Or, you could write your articles and post them as blogs, and have advertisers post ads on each of them. Anytime someone clicks on one of these ads and buys something while browsing through that opened link, you will earn a percentage of what they spend. Again, you’re not likely to get rich real quick doing this, but when done in conjunction with posting well written articles at online writing sites, you can build up enough of a presence to earn a few hundred bucks a month on royalties.

Add to this the small upfront payments offered by some of these online writing sites, from $1.00 to $15.00, and you can up those earnings every month. The more you have out there, the more you are likely to earn. Pay less attention to the people who rally against those who would rather earn than yearn, and pay more attention to what you want to buy the next time you cash out.

Help me out on Yahoo! please?


I write about television shows for Yahoo! TV, and would appreciate any and all positive comments that you could put at the end of my articles.  I am currently writing for “Grey’s Anatomy” and “The Big Bang Theory”… If you like these shows, please just enter Yahoo!, put my name, a comma and then the name of the show, you should see some of my articles listed. Please leave nice comments – the more I get the more money i will earn…




(ps I use portions of my writing money to help other people to grow their own medical marijuana. Please help me to help others by leaving positive comments on any and all of my articles. thanks)

Writers helping writers.

How can I help other writers earn money?

Social networking works when used properly. Writers use social networking to advertise their works to others so that they may check it out, garnering more page views and possibly some new daily followers. Too many writers Tweet away all night and day, telling others about all of their well-written articles on article mill sites like Yahoo!, Helium or Bukisa.

One of the nicer article mills, in New England

If you Tweet everything that you’ve ever written, it gets to the point, much like the boy who cried wolf, that nobody will pay attention any more, because they suddenly realize the only reason you’re doing it is to gain page views to increase your own income.  Now, a few friends and family members may be nice and simply open each of your tweeted articles, but most will eventually get tired of it and simply stop.  You should only Tweet out new blog posts and articles, and possibly ones that have fallen by the wayside, to keep the information flow fresh and fun.

Why have writer earnings tanked so much?

The first blogger? Who did he socially network with?

With so many online writing sites these days, there is a major push on to get more and more writers into their folds and away from their competitors. At the same time, new writers have been sought with the promise of easy money for writing simple, knowledge based articles.

The problem with this is that they are attracting people who write, which is vastly different from writers, as one writes for a hobby and one does it as a means to make a living, promote themselves and generally help mankind (well, that last one maybe be a bit of a stretch!).

Everyone stretches something

With hundreds of thousands of writers belonging to each site, and only a few desirable projects per month, the competition for well-paying writing gigs is outrageous! And it’s only getting worse as more people are looking for a new way to make just a little more money, so they don’t have to stretch their money so thin. Now, sites like Helium have had to stop paying upfront payments to their writers, giving them only a share of the revenues that their articles bring in, vastly reducing writers’ incomes.

Where can writers go to earn more money?

The happy blogger - A myth?

When the better writers see a major drop in income and the stopping of upfront payments, they leave for greener pastures. Heck, most of the good writers out there can make more money blogging twice a day than they can writing 2 to 4 articles for the article mills.

Yes, that’s right; you can easily make more money blogging than you can at the article mills, if you dedicate at least as much time to blogging as you did at the article mills. The same mantra applies; quality content earns, crap burns.

So, how can I help other writers? How can they help me?

When you write blogs, you must also join and properly use social networking sites.  You make friends with other bloggers, and in doing so follow each others posts. Each time you post a comment on someone’s blog, they are supposed to return the favor and post comments on yours in an I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine attitude.

However, as someone’s blog becomes very popular and they get 25+ comments per post per day, with hundreds, or even thousands of followers, they may stop posting comments on the blogs of the people who helped them to get to where they are. This can also happen to you.

Comment overdose

Doctor, my blog is so sick, it ate some bad comments!

In order to avoid comment overdose, a blogger has to put aside enough of their writing time to continue on with their social networking.

As long as you follow these basic rules, you should be able to do fairly well as a blogger (the money will come when the quality is constant and the followers steadily increasing).

1)  Post daily (unless you have nothing of quality to post)

2)  Use social networking to gain followers and make friends

3)  Post comments on blogs of writers who post comments to yours.

4)  Ensure you don’t write any crappy posts, just to get one out – it is much better to miss a day or two than to post crap in it’s stead.

5)  Blog about what you know about and what you’re passionate about.

When writers help other writers to get ahead there is no better way to increase your page views, follower and comment levels as well as advertiser and sponsor interests.

Follow along with the posts within this Page for more information on how writers can help other writers to be more successful, as well as to improve your craft.