Can a writer make money and keep their self respect intact?

No.  No, they can’t.  If you want to write for money, leave your conscience at the door, there’s no room for being civil in here.

With the way things are currently going with many of the online sites that pay writers for their submissions, either text or video, could there be an end in sight for long-term revenue earning articles? Yes, yes there could!  Almost every article mill has seen drastic losses in their writer’s revenues, going so far as to encourage their writers to promote and cross-promote their own materials.  That’s right – they are telling you to cheat the system, to just open files to generate the page views using any and all means available.

Some sites are deleting older articles to bring the number of them in their database down, so that publishers aren’t overwhelmed with an abundance of crap. With over a hundred thousand writers in any given “article mill” there are bound to be at least 75 to 90 percent of them submitting nothing but crap for the publishers to salivate over. Just because you write doesn’t mean you’re a writer, but does just being in these “writing mills” really make you a sub-par, unprofessional writer?

Many writers are now referring to these writing sites as “writing mills” and “article mills”, but are there any sites left that still pay the writer upfront payments for their  submissions? I mean over a couple of bucks each?

It seems that most of the writing submission sites are either based on publisher demand, where writers submit articles to what the publisher requested, and the publisher then picks the article(s) that they want to purchase, or are based on existing titles, where writers submit their articles and hope to be paid for page views and the occasional content sale. But when it takes 1,000 page views to earn a buck, you need to have some extremely viral content in order to make real money writing online.

Publishers who post for articles at these writing sites aren’t obliged to purchase any of the articles if they don’t like them, so a lot of writers are spending countless hours pounding away on their laptops, researching and writing articles, many times to no financial gain whatsoever. They then become jaded and rally against the writing sites.

Are there still sites that pay writers for what they submit, no matter what they submit?

With so many people writing for the so few article requests, it defies logic that sites would pay everyone for their submissions. Many people write, but few are legitimate writers. The talent pool gets diluted by having too many people who think that they are writers posting sub-par articles to paying titles, usually starting with “Me and my husband/wife were at the store the other day and..”, or “Do you want to know about the new Sony Bravia? Well, read on and I will tell you all about it!” There is a place for blog-style writing and that is right here, in a blog. Not on a fact-based article site.

For those who consider themselves to be “professional writers”, all they can do is write to their own blogs and social networking sites, criticizing the writers who do use these “article mills” to make some money. Sure, not many of these writers will be getting rich off of their craft, but a couple of hundred dollars a month from writing revenues is a whole lot better than nothing. And when other “writers” lash out at you for whoring yourself out for such a pittance, just disregard what they are spewing and just laugh at them while transferring your earnings into your bank account.

That couple of hundred bucks a month adds a few grand to your yearly income. They’re just jealous because most of them have 2 or 3 hundred articles posted and earn less than a buck a month. i know, i’m a steward at one of the main sites.

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