A Brief History of Me!

Who or what am I?

Much like the picture, I believe we should all get our heads out of the sand, especially if the sand is at the bottom of the ocean! Sometimes our belief in ourselves can drown us; I’ll last one more minute, one more dollar, one more idiotic blog.

Buck. PEI Age; 14 months. Bravery level; 10

I write to get the words out that are all scrambled up inside my brain, in order to leave a little room up there for some new stuff. I blog, I write for 5 different pay-for-submissions sites (publisher driven) and 3 revenue share sites (what many refer to as “article/writer mills”) and I try my hand at social networking. I have won the prestigious Knight Center for Excellence in Journalism Award (1H2O), and have been published in over 100 magazines, as well as many websites and e-zines. I have just recently taken up blogging, and find that I do enjoy it vastly.

As a chronic pain sufferer and member of 3 compassionate societies, I believe that a person’s quality of life is more important than what other people think about what that person is doing.Quality of life is more important than perception of morality;Β  basically, if it feels good, do it.Β  Of course there are limits to this philosophy of life, and as long as those lines aren’t crossed my conscious stay clean and clear!

When you blog too long...

I worked as a technical writer, both full time and contract. Mainly worked in Military Medical and Aerospace industries, and taught training courses for HUDs (the first series of heads up display units using eye control for targeting and weapons deployment), maintenance simulators. helicopter and military jet full flight simulators, including the F-16 and F-111/117, commercial full flight simulators, including the Airbus A200-300 series), and the first target-driven drones. Of course, the technical manuals were my responsibility as well.

I suffered some personal and familial medical setbacks, but soldier on. I write to keep myself and my brain busy; an idle brain is much scarier than idle hands!

So, welcome to my nightmare. I hope you enjoy the trip.Β  Have a look at some of my blog posts, and see for yourself whether or not I write from the left side of my brain.

14 thoughts on “A Brief History of Me!

  1. Nice to meet you, Marc! I keep running into you (and agreeing with you) on Christy’s blog, so I thought I’d better come over and see what you’re all about – and I like, so I’m following. πŸ™‚

    I’m a fellow chronic pain (and other severe health issues) sufferer, so I have a great deal of understanding of what you go through on a daily basis. I look forward to visiting your blog regularly, and exploring your works. ~ Julie πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for the visit, Tale! Go ahead and leave some suggestions for any future Word of the Day features! They can be fake blog-related words or acronyms. Just leave the phonetics and the definition(s) you want with the word, a link to your website/blog (for reciprocational purposes – hey! another new word!!! I swear, between digressionizationing (mine!) and reciprocationizing (mine too!) I sure do like to make stuff up, but I do need some help now and then with my imagionationizing (again, mine!) of new words… can ya tell?

      • Well, all you need to do is come up with one word or acronym that you use when blogging or talking/writing about blogging – add that with the definition and what it should sound like, along with a link to your blog, and you will get a word feature with promotions!

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